Spices & Salts

Our island traditions in cooking started with unique spices. We strive to bring you the marriage of our island with the world in these delicious offerings.

Spices & Salts

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This whole flake snow white sea salt is perfect for seasoning all foods.

  This super fine salt is dried with ground jalapenos for a slight hint of heat. It will make you think of the warm breezes of the islands – not too hot – just right!

  This course pink salt is gorgeous as a table salt for guests. It is great for light seasoning of all foods.

This marriage of island salt with green tea adds the perfect flavoring for any Asian fusion cooking.

Think Italy meets Bahamas.

French travelers rave about this spectacular combination of Merlot Wine and course ground Sea Salt.

Perfect for cooking Spanish, Cuban and American dishes.

Allspice is the dried fruit of the Pimenta dioica plant.

Relax and spoon into your steaming hot tea and sweet dreams!

Andros is a cluster of islands within the Bahamian Chain